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Every time I make friends with an overweight/obese girl, I find out later that they like me.I'm okay with girls that are a little curvy, but not so obese that they don't take care of themselves.That doesn't mean strike it off the list entirely, especially not if it's really important to you, but maybe just consider keeping an open mind about it?As far as being fat goes, that has nothing to do with your value as a human or the quality of partner that you deserve. This post is going to come off both self-aggrandizing and self-depricating, but I wanted to hopefully paint an accurate picture of my mindset. I've fluctuated about 50 lbs within the past 5 years, now being the heaviest I've ever been.

I look at the list of "requirements" I have and I sigh.

Trying to work on it but struggling, but that's another story for another subreddit.

I've been told that I'm pretty, I have a nice face/smile/eyes, and my figure is ok.

I know that if I were skinnier then I could have my pick of men, but I'm just not. And that makes me feel lesser and that maybe I should throw out the list and just settle for whatever comes my way.

Anyway, I know that you will all be suggesting I buckle down and lose weight, and I am trying.

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I'm 100% accountable for my choices but I can't seem to actually make the right choices happen. Your weight is under your control, it may not always be easy but losing weight is simple and will improve your dating life massively. I'm a math person so I wish I could assign myself a value and try to date within my range, but I know that's not how these things work. I have ironically gotten a lot of attention on tinder and other dating sites, but like I said, not the kind of attention I want. I just play paintball and game with my friends I have 3 dogs and 2 cats.

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  1. Everybody says that I'm very smart, kind and beautiful I am cheerful, talented girl, I like to travel and get acquainted with new interesting peo..