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Let’s have a look at those actors, who either have managed some of this century’s top roles or have a most promising year ahead, and those who unfortunately, seem to have gotten lost in the wonderland that is Hollywood.

she played Serena, a flaky but charismatic young woman who, despite her best efforts, does not quite find her way in the end. The actress has starred in a variety of multi-million dollar productions, and has several more blockbusters lined up.

Whether she went up against Serena, tricked Dan into taking care of her child, or eventually took on the identity of Gossip Girl, she was pure entertainment.

However, Trachtenberg has not been able to recreate her ?

It has now been six years since the show ended, and it has gotten rather quiet around the actors behind the phenomenon.

He briefly appeared in season two as Gabriel Edwards.

We pondered possible reasons why they’ve become friends.

Is Blair just being herself, implementing a “friends close, enemies closer” policy, or have the downtown-NYU-hipster fumes gotten to her head?

aired across millions of television screens in the US.

Merely a year later, audiences across the world were enthralled with the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite, as ridiculous and farfetched as they may seem.

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Diana not only finds herself a boy toy in Nate, but also ends up revealing that she is Chuck’s real mother, who he originally believed had passed away during childbirth.

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