Dynamically updating treeview node wpf Adults dating classified

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Dynamically updating treeview node wpf

Chris "James L" wrote: Hi, I have a treeview that has to be refreshed due to data changes.

I have tried getting the selected node and then expanding it in the refreshed tree view using expand() but it does not do it.

In this case you will need a path to follow up the tree to the root, then once the tree is refreshed, you will need to follow this path back down from the root to find the node that should be selected and then select and expand it.

Determining how you will find a path to follow is dependent on the data stored in the tree and how it is stored.

To make long story short it means that you can tell WPF not to generate containers for tree items which are not actually visible to the user.

I do so by adding the following attribute to my Treeview element in the XAML:. My selection method assumes that every expanded tree item creates ALL of the container inside it.

By the way, we can use the same solution to visualize a JSON document in a WPF Tree View.

The WPF Control displaying the tree will be: You’ll notice that whenever the property Object To Visualize changes, a new Tree Node is created with the factory method Create Tree.

A good example is the Solution Explorer in your Visual Studio. But, if you read the previous section you know that the containers are generated only once you see them so I am forced to start at the root and manually expand each tree level until I reach the required tree item.

I consider the following (somewhat common) case: I have some data represented as a tree.

I decide to show my data in the UI inside a WPF Treeview and some general list of items (with no specific structure). Checking the debugger reveals that the Is Selected property on the root element is indeed "true" but on the the Data Item What I am doing here is quite simple.

Another thing to notice is that Item Container Generator searches only within the current level of the tree so you must search each level because it has so many containers to generate.

Thankfully the WPF engineers thought about this issue and enabled Virtualization on the tree.

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