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Human beings have a tendency to evaluate the actions of the people they interact with based on who did them. Martha Foschi observed the application of double standards in group competency tests. Mabel Abraham, Assistant Professors at the Yale School of Management and Columbia Business School, studied the effect that gender has on the way people rank others in the financial market setting.

The role that gender plays in determining people's moral, social, political, and legal contexts has been long-debated and often controversial.This section of light planet will give you ideas for fun dates as well as answer common dating questions.Below you will find articles about dating and relationships that pertain to members of the church.Research has found that casual sexual activity is regarded as more acceptable for men than for women.According to some, double standards between men and women can potentially exist with regards to dating, cohabitation, virginity, marriage/remarriage, sexual abuse/assault/harassment, domestic violence, and singleness.

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Applying different principles to similar-looking situations may or may not indicate a double standard.

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  1. A lot of men are so concerned with whether or not they “should” start dating again that they ignore the question of whether or not they actually want to. Are you interested in meeting new women or are you cool working, hitting the gym and working on your truck for now?