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"Going on dates still allows you to have fun experiences with someone whose company you enjoy and who understands commitment isn’t something you may not be looking for right now." Maybe you'll never be looking for "commitment" in the traditional sense or maybe you're in the midst of some serious life transitions and a LTR isn't possible right now.

It's okay to enjoy someone's time without wanting more — as long as you're clear with them about it.

"If you are not interested in a monogamous relationship it is critical to be clear to the person you are going out on dates with," Dr. Lots of people have no interest in dating only one person.

Come to a lo-fi basement show in West Philadelphia, you'll hear all about it.

If you and your boo are both waiting for the other person to say what's up, you may be waiting a while.

Being the first to speak up can encourage your boo to do the same.

Your current relationship status doesn't guarantee you happiness or happily ever after.

It's OK to just spend time with the people you like to spend time with, away from the definitions and labels.

"If you’re not ready for the responsibilities that come with having a partner then it’s likely you’re not ready — and that’s OK!

You feel that you will be more accepted by friends and family if you are dating," Dr. Don't let the #couplegoals Instas fool you — people date for all sorts of reasons other than just being in love.

Maybe they want acceptance, maybe they're afraid of being alone, maybe everyone else at the college was linking up.

They can change over time." Knowing that your feelings can change, and being willing to speak when you start to feel differently can be helpful in dating.

"Telling the truth is a way of being a responsible, mature person and allows the other person to potentially be the same," Edwards says.

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