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Desktop dating email virus

The wiki How Tech Team also followed the article's instructions, and validated that they work. Just about everyone with a working computer and an Internet connection has some means of sending and receiving email.However, a small group of individuals tend to use it for unintended purposes; sending viruses.

The e-mail message contained a friendly note that included the person's name, so the recipient would open the document, thinking it was harmless.What fueled this virus was the human willingness to double-click on the executable.The same kinds of exploits have also been passed over instant messaging networks like AIM and Windows Live Messenger.Many other people turn off the protection mechanism.Because of this, the Melissa virus spread despite the safeguards in place to prevent it.

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It then sent copies of itself to everyone in the victim's address book and started corrupting files on the victim's machine. It is really more of a Trojan horse distributed by e-mail than it is a virus.

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