Deanna s chat 30 dating a guy in the secret service

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Deanna s chat 30

Oh and how could we forget, the DCU Crew reminisces about things from their childhood that kids just wouldn't get these days. Many of us have our opinions about the allegations against the singer and some of us have stopped listening to his music. The DCU crew is reunited for the first official episode of 2019. Grab your eggnog or prosec-ho ho while Cindy and Jeff make Deanna say no-no-no. If you think it's hard being a law enforcement officer, try being married to one.

In this episode we talk about the Lifetime docuseries, "Surviving R. Some radio stations have stopped playing his songs while daily streams of his songs more than double by the end of Lifetime's first broadcast. They discuss everything from airline beefs, movies on flights, Jeff's OCD, his packing anxiety AND binge worthy shows. Oh and we can't forget Cindy's near death experience back in Florida. Yule laugh out loud until Santa comes down or the wine makes you say whoa. She's a Cross Fit Coach, a badass athlete, a loving super mom to two adorable kids, a friend, and a wife to a SWAT officer. What does it mean to be in a monogamous relationship versus a polyamorous one? In this episode Deanna Cruz and Tech Tom talk to Chris who has been a polyamorous for over 16 years.

Take the test yourself online at maybe you'll fall in love all over again. The DCU Crew talks warm summer nights in Seattle beginning with Sea Fair Sunday, crazy boat parties, and fun in the sun. In this episode Deanna describes how an Uber date turned creepy - real quick. Tech Tom is finally back on the mic and detailing his trip with his grandfather to New Orleans. From who is performing to new artists and their predictions as to who will take home the Record Of The Year.

Tech Tom, Nurse Cindy, and Deanna Cruz discuss the missing couch, relationships, and love languages. The DCU Crew discusses Amazon's Prime Day, Ballard Seafood Fest, Kirkland Uncorked, 2 VERY friendly officers AND Deanna's bloody donation. The 61st Annual Grammy Awards airs Sunday, February 10 on CBS.

What's the protocol when you let someone borrow a piece of furniture? And have you ever hung onto something just to see the person you hooked up with again? In this episode they have the happy-go-luck, tail wagging, adorable pooch Duchess as a special guest. They give advice to one listener, Jimmy From The Block and reveal their 'Little Black Book' of secrets. This is all happening while Jeffster finishes packing for his grandmother's funeral. You've seen it all over Instagram and your FB feeds but how accurrate is it? Tech Tom, Deanna, and Jeff recap their 4th of July celebrations. They talk about the latest craze to hit Netflix, "Stranger Things" as well nostalgia, Big Little Lies, and HBO."You just gotta ignite the light And let it shine Just own the night Like the Fourth of July" - Katy Perry The 4th of July has put a spark in this week's podcast. Life gets busy sometimes but with three hours on the road they found a little time to record.The Short Version: Certified dating coach Deanna Cobden is a knowledgeable and compassionate resource for singles facing all sorts of dating challenges.Deanna’s dating advice emphasizes taking action and getting results.Listen as they talk about their Christmas traditions from Miami to Kentucky to Portugal and Italy. Sip or shoot but just remember to drink responsibly. In this episode Deanna Cruz has a little fun with Nurse Ta Tas and Crippled Jeff all while bearing a resting witch face.Gift giving comes to life with a little Secret Santa. They talk about the new trend for this spooktacular season, the most popular costume this year, and Oh MY Gourd - CANDY!

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