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I decided that I would date intentionally until my future husband found me.

Blessed Dating Chronicles will be filled with all of the lessons I have learned from dating missteps, mistakes and second and third chances at love.

This 18-year old had more social graces than women I have encountered in their mid-twenties.

Guess it’s time to play with my Ok Cupid age filter.

**This is an explicit, erotic novella for 18 Adult eyes only.

Contains super hot, one on one sex between two great characters.**Dating in New York City can be hazardous to your sex life. I just got out of a two year relationship with a man who chose drugs over a life with me.

When one relationship is over, a better one is right around the corner.(Story #1, NYC Latina, is 12,000 words, or 48 steamy pages)I am enthralled with Vivian's escapades they keep you wanting more.

While I mentioned a cool hangout spot for our next date, she texted me after a while and said something like, “Hey, I had a really great time tonight and you are really hot and fun, however I just wasn’t really feeling it. Gentlemen, while frustration at rejection will always be there, no matter what kind of rejection happens, you will feel hit particularly hard if you spent money on a girl beforehand.

I began to think about how nice it would be to have a relationship that I could be proud of.

I longed to be married again and live happily ever after.

AV Scott brings humor, sexiness, drama, hot guys and her own quirkiness to make this a fun read.

I look forward to reading more of Vivian's adventures! I have never gone on a speed dating thing but it seemed interesting to see the character in that setting and what happens to them.

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