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Suicide attempts climbed almost tenfold, from three in 2002 to 29 in 2005.

Some local experts believe the situation has not got any better.

Miss Rainaud, who said she had herself experienced the "dark side of the Vineyard" visiting as a child, said the abuse crosses race and class lines.

Brazilians first started coming to Martha's Vineyard in the 1980s, drawn by an economic boom, and there are around 3,000 (a further 2,000 have returned home since the financial crisis), responsible for one third of new births on the island.', and then they think 'Jeez, they don't work all summer – why can't we do that?' And of course they can't so it's a downward spiral from there." He added: "How we adjust after the summer is over is a big issue for us, and it's a real stretch for people to make it through the winter.From Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce to Valerie Jarrett and the Clintons, they'll all be gone.In a matter of days, the island's population withers from 100,000 to just 15,000.

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According to Hazel Teagan, the senior addictions counsellor at the local hospital, many people weren't getting medical help because they were either too poor to have insurance or couldn't have it because they were illegal immigrants.