Dating scene in dallas

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It has FOUR cities on the Best Economies list of the Top 10 places to find work. * Although Dallas has many Fortune 500 Companies that call this City home and many smaller, private employers as well, it has been my observation that many of these companies have a high reliance on temporary or contract work.

They also consistently flip their workforces for some reason.

They LIE) and the overwhelming number of black minorities here working in low wage jobs or government positions that don't pay what their private industry counterparts pay, their is a wealth imbalance that is apparent.

Blacks have ceded a lot of territory not just to Caucasians but other races when it comes to building personal wealth. When I first moved to Dallas, I noticed immediately how segregated much of the City was.

Especially when that workforce is primarily made up of blacks.

However, I can understand somewhat because again Dallas is VERY segregated. Everyone practically lives in their cars or they are Hermits.As I stated there is not much socializing even amongst blacks, but far less amongst whites/hispanics and blacks. The only doctors who are available are the ones who work in the pop up, for profit, medical centers around town and I couldn't even think of going to those without insurance. Yet when we were hired, they were simultaneously hiring white guys for the same positions who at times did not even have high school diplomas. And being one of the few white males in an environment of blacks he got away with it. * I feel it's important to mention that when I say black cultural centre, I am also referring to a black business centre. Plus, I had gone to one before at Care Now and received such inferior, substandard service I said I would never go back. I have never been raised to harbor ill feelings about anyone and I didn't move to Texas become a racist. A smart black female manager was constantly harassed and intimidated into letting the white associates get away with not doing their jobs. It was required for us to have good credit but many of my white male coworkers would speak openly about their bankruptcies and their foreclosures. They wouldn't say a thing and eventually ended up promoting the guy. During this same time frame a black male coworker was called a Nigger by a white manager. * In my own community I have struggled to meet fellow blacks who I can spend time with and form a social bond with. The very few who live around me simply are homebodies. We are spread out from Garland to Mesquite, Plano to Greenville; in super small, sparsely located communities.Usually surrounded by many others of various races.

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Now that I think about it, there is a reason why so many powerful and strong black movements have come out of the North and out of Atlanta. There is more social togetherness with the blacks than you will find in Dallas. No one wants to challenge the system here that has pushed the majority of blacks through racism and ill treatment onto the welfare rolls by breaking their spirits while the whites here enjoy all of the high paying corporate jobs. Instead of the brothers fighting the power structure to ensure more black upward mobility, they are too busy bedding the power structure. And if you move here you will find that you will not feel bad that your life is boring because you will soon discover everyone else's life is super boring too. I could have saved $100 dollars and the damn doctor didn't tell me that Walmart also carried them. To say that the majority of the employers are bigoted, rednecks who should be sued for pulling the dirty shit they pull on not just blacks but all minorities is an understatement. The managers would all walk by and wonder where he was.

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