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Women often talk about looking for love, but can be their own worst enemies in that regard. Diana Kirschner, author of "Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love," says she has a way to help women from every walk of life.

Kirschner insists that women from every walk of life who give her 90 days and work the program she offers will find love.

That will often cause you to miss out on some real and fabulous dating opportunities.

The right man might be out there, but instead of being sporty, he's a car nut. If you try the experiment, chances are you'll be pleasantly surprised, and it will help keep your mind open to every man.

It can create a feeling of intimacy where there really isn't any. The "I'll Make You Love Me"So many women will take crumbs in a lot of relationships rather than knowing in their heart they deserve the whole cake.

They meet someone who perhaps feels lukewarm about them, and feel that the only way to confirm their self-worth is to make them fall head-over-heels.

Force yourself to change your habits by accepting all the invitations you get, enrolling in some classes, striking up conversations in places you wouldn't normally.

Have only a few dates instead of spending day and night together for a week. Sex often creates a real chemical feeling of false closeness.You meet a man, the dating is romantic, wonderful and intense.You feel as if he could be the one, you have been swept off your feet. The excitement either drains out quickly, the man gets frightened off by the fact that you two are "going too fast," or you find after all the sparks that you are left with nothing in common.Perhaps she's married to her careers, or working out every moment of her free time, or she enjoys being a homebody.In any event, she generally subscribes to the philosophy that love will find her, that people who look for it, or have time to look for it, just don't fit it into her agenda.

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There are men out there who are perfect for you who would be right up your alley.

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