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Dating out of my class

But the short answer to the question at hand is a simple one: If you’re considering dating a person who cheated on someone in the past, then you should be careful.Of course, there’s no guarantee that someone who’s never cheated will remain faithful.But even in those cases, the person who cheated still made a decision not to remain loyal to the person with whom he or she was involved.And that fact needs to be acknowledged and addressed in a meaningful way.That kind of insecurity can eat away at the foundation of a relationship, creating obstacles to genuine intimacy between you.

That knowledge may be tough to keep out of your mind…and out of your relationship.

When you listen to the voice inside you, do you feel that this new person is trustworthy?

Do you sense that even though there have been past indiscretions, the person is true and reliable?

Accepting responsibility for what happened before is certainly part of this.

But in addition, the person also needs to be able to explain to you how he or she will be different in your relationship, and what changes he or she has made to be loyal and remain true as you two build something new together.

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Regardless of which direction you go, make sure that you take care of yourself.