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Business attire for work and school and casual clothing for going out.Take a look at these gorgeous South Korean women: With all of the above noted, it should be known that South Korean women do not tolerate anything less than perfection in anything they do or achieve. South Korean women are independent but possess a very traditional role in the home.Their eyes are slanted and they are very short compared to European standards.Beautiful South Korean women are current on fashion but most do tend to take a more conservative approach.Our Korean female members have these characteristics and all waiting to find and meet their perfect match.Our Korean personals site features photo personal ads of international and Korean singles.For example, a man changing a diaper is unheard of because he will never be able to do it better than she can.Also, it is widely known that beautiful South Korean women have very hot tempers and have no problems throwing tantrums.

This can be very sexy especially for a smart man that likes to be dominated.

South Korea has had their share of problems and sometimes tensions occasionally arise (with North Korea), however this country is rich with culture and riddled with history.

South Koreans are among the most intelligent on earth and many inventions have come from within its borders.

The following page contains a dynamic collection of stories, dating tips, photos and video clips, all related to beautiful Korean ladies.

We've created an online message board and image gallery for men who want to meet and date the alluring young women of South Korea.

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Only the women of the ruling class could enjoy the same privileges of the men in the same class.