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Delano, of Ni- agara ; Captain James Van Cleve, Charles T. Capture and Recapture of Fort George— Fall of Fort Niagara— Rav- ages of Fire and Sword 103-105 CHAPTER XXII. Not considering it safe to proceed farther with his ship, he sent a boat with a part of his crew to explore the river higher up.

The Capture of Queenston Heights— The Assailants Overpowered, Un- supported and Taken Prisoner.^ 101-103 CHAPTER XXI. To them he im- parted a knowledge of the effects of rum, to the drinking of which in later years they became greatly addicted.

I Al Cornell University Library The original of this book is in the Cornell University Library. To the intrinsic fascination of stirring incidents is added the charm of their having occurred on familiar ground. The Brilliant Career of the Gallant Eighth New York Heavy Artil- lery 160-155 CHAPTER XXXVI. In 1614 the States General granted a charter to the mer- chants engaged in these expeditions, conferring the ex- clusive right of trade in this new territory, between the 40th and 4Sth parallels of north latitude, for four years, and giving the name of New Netherlands to the whole region.

There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. ' The river has an interest independent of its grandeur and beauty to one who knows how it has affected the course of events along its banks for centuries, determining the location, first of the Indian's hamlet and then of the white man's village; the route, first of the red warrior's trail and again of a far-reaching traffic that the greatest powers of Europe fought to control; the site, now of the frontier fortress and anon of the farmer's clearing; the place where armies maneuvered and scalping parties crouched in ambuscade. Records of the 78th, 96th, 105th, 132nd, 104th, 178th, 179th, l S7th and 194th Infantry 155-159 CHAPTER XXXVII. The trade flourished, and had become so profit- able at the expiration of the charter that the States Gen- eral refused to renew it, giving instead a special license for its temporary continuance.

The history of so limited a territory as a county in New York has its roots not only in remote times but in distant lands, and can not be justly written without going far beyond the county limits for some of its most essential facts. The Village in 1810 -The Early Settlers— Samuel De Veaux, the First Merchant— Accessions fi'om 1821 to 1833— General Peter B. Porter— Business and Improvements — The Car- rying Business— Further Business Progress- The Upa and Downs ot 1836- The Hydraulic Canal— Mails, Stages, Railroads and Ex- presses— 'Ihe Press of Niagara Falls— Schools— The Fire Depart- ment — Incoi-poraiion and Civil History— Oakwood Cemetery- Churches of Niagara Falls— Business Corporations— Fraternities and Social Organizations — Improvements About the Falls— Acci- ' dents and Incidents— Well Known Residents of Niagara Falls, La Salle and Vicinity •- 300-318 THE VILLAGE OF SUSPENSION BRIDGE. subject to the approval of the States; to colonize the ter- ritory and administer justice.

Pioneer Experiences— Emigrating, Buildinfc ftnd Clearing— Frontier Work and Play 92-96 TABLE OF CONTENTS. Pioneer Farming— First Schools and Teachers, Meetings and Preach- ers— Tie Puh Uc Health 96-100 CHAPTEE XIX. From here he proceeded up New York Bay, sending his boats to the Jersey shore and receiving on board the natives, who came in great numbers to traffic.

Sketch of the Geology of Niagora County 128 -131 CHAPTER XXSI. The accounts given by Hudson of his discoveries stim- ulated the Dutch to avail themselves of the advantages that might be gained by trading with the Indians, and accordingly in the following year another vessel was sent out to engage in the fur trade on the banks of the river he had discovered.

The Rise and Development of the Great Fruit-Growing Interest of Niagara County 127, 123 CHAPTER XXX. Hence three nations, Holland, France and England, found- ing their titles upon discovery, claimed ownership in a region a part of which lies within the limits of the State of New York.

The Projection of the Erie Canal— Its Advocates and its Construction- La Fayette's Tour 10;-111 CHAPTER XXIV. E., Lockport following 216 r.iyiie, Levvis S., Tonawanda procedintj 379 Piiyne, Lewis T , Tonaw.iiida preceding 379 I'ease, A , Somerset preceding 371 Pease, Mi-s. C, Lockport following 17-1 Sanborn, L, It-, Sanborn P. Ilartland following 246 Sherwood, Mrc Klon, N, Hariland folios ing 24li Smith, S. Descending into the bay he immediately sailed for Europe.

Successive Boundaries of Niagara County and its Subdivisions- Officers and Representatives 10.^-107 CHAPTER XXm. It is supposed that they went a little above Albany. When a little below the Highlands, the Indians made several attempts to attack his crew, who, in repulsing their attacks, shot ten or twelve of their num- ber.

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Journal of the Siege of Forfc Niagara— Rout of a Relief Force- The Surrender 74-77 CHAPTER XI. John Verazzani, a Florentine in the service of Francis I.

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