Dating during a divorce in michigan

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Dating during a divorce in michigan

The attorneys will conduct all the pre-trial work, such as investigation, discovery, motion work, and hearings.

Each spouse will usually testify at the final divorce trial and be expected to present evidence and witnesses to support all claims.

Generally, alimony is terminated one of three ways: death of either spouse, remarriage by the recipient spouse, or cohabitation.

If you’ve been awarded alimony as part of your divorce, in most states it automatically terminates as soon as you move in with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

When you file for divorce, you will file on fault or no-fault grounds.

Virtually every state recognizes some form of no-fault grounds, also called irreconcilable differences.

However, some spouses may want to show the court that the other spouse was at fault, particularly if the misconduct will affect alimony or property awards under the state’s laws.

Many states still allow one spouse to plead fault grounds in a divorce.

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Other times, a divorce case may drag on for months or even years.

In cases where couples are not able to reach a settlement agreement, a judge will decide issues like custody and alimony at trial. Spouses will typically hire attorneys to represent them in court, and this will cost a substantial amount in attorney's fees.

In many other states, one spouse’s affair can be grounds for obtaining or increasing an alimony award.

Even in states like Florida that don’t allow fault-based divorces, one spouse’s adultery can still lead to an increased alimony award for the innocent spouse.

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