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I feel like I get so trapped in relationships that I don't focus on me and my goals and what I want to do because I'm so focused on the other person.And so I'd kind of like to get my life together,” she said.I’ve stopped chasing him now, I’ve asked him out for dinner and if that’s not enough of a hint I don’t know what is!The ball’s in his court now, I hope you get some answers soon OP!We understand that there are so much worse things that we could be rather than alone- like in a relationship and deeply lonely. The right heart won’t make you play games to earn their love. Don’t wish it all away or give so much of it up to chasing hearts that just want to see how fast you can run and how far you can go. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you have to win them with persistence and grand gestures and continued declarations of interest when they are merely staying too many steps ahead for you to ever catch up. Because the right one won’t throw out a stick to see if you’ll go fetch it.You see, we weren’t- most of us, at any rate- born knowing how to love ourselves deeply. You won’t have to wonder if your soulmate feels the same. Know who you are, and stay there in that knowledge. But don’t lace up running shoes and stretch to follow. Fall deeply in love to the point that you would never put yourself in a relationship with someone who isn’t all in and who makes you question their love. They want set up obstacles and pull out a timer to see how well or how poorly you fare. Chase nothing but your bliss and your dreams and know that doing so will open all the right doors to bring love in. Write it down on your heart or post it on your mirror. There are only two rules, and they will bring love in while letting toxic energy flow on to somewhere else entirely.

We expand our interests and truly explore our own dreams and aspirations without feeling limited or distracted. Go with an open heart, and allow the Universe to send to you someone who wants to be with you. Don’t move, and watch them leave your life to make room for others to come in.

and no matter how open you are when you take your shot, there's always a chance it might not go in.

Can't let it get to you, be confident that the next one will go in when you get a good look I feel the exact same way.

"I'm not really looking for a relationship because I've been in relationships for years.

I really haven't been single since I was like 12 or whenever you start dating, 14, so I would like some time for me.

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We got here through grit and hardship, and we’re not turning back. Let your standards rise with your vibration and know that the one who is for you will come, but that your life is happening now, and you must live every moment of it like it won’t come again. Don’t waste time being lonely or counting the days of being single as if it were a sentence when it has always been a privilege to be in your company. Love yourself enough to understand that your time and your space are precious.

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