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The address of Vox is given as: Elm Road, Vanguard Way, Shoeburyness (Essex).

Q: Where are the current Celestion speakers manufactured (England or China)? Q: What is the warranty policy for new Celestion speakers?

We can supply or vintage spec recone to the highest standards all British speakers from 5 to 18inch, pictured below is a small selection of the speakers we keep in stock, Celestion 12 inch speakers are without doubt the most popular vintage speaker with both collectors and guitarist's Please Email [email protected] price and availability or see listings below.

Since 1956, all Celestion chassis drivers have been stamped with a date code (2 numbers and 2 letters), denoting the exact date of manufacture.

THE CELESTION SILVER - T1088 (15 Watts with light doping) - 8ohms Cone made by Pulsonic, the British manufacturer, code H1777 Entered in the Celestion log book, 27th May 1964: "As T530, sprayed Poly Grey".

T1088s were probably present in the large AC50 speaker cabs used by the Beatles at Stockholm in July 1964.

Specializing in guitar & amplifier repairs and restorations in New Jersey.

21 days after this type of speaker was logged in the Celestion register). An AC100 assembled by Triumph Electronics (rather than by Burndept).

Note that the profile of the cover is more cylindrical than bell shaped. In the upper compartment of the cab - two speakers with solder tags on the spokes of the frame, one (perhaps a replacement, as the others are earlier) with the code "30HL" = August 1966. Solder terminals on a board between the chassis spokes An instance apparently with a date code indicating 10 December 1964 (10MJ) is reported by Jim Elyea.

The Celestion register of speaker types - the "T" book - is printed in extenso (insofar as it relates to 12" speakers) by Michael Doyle, "The History of Marshall" (1973), appendix 1, pp. Some of the relevant pages are available on Google Books Also see Jim Elyea's wonderful, "Vox Amplifiers: The JMI Years" (California, 2009), esp. 264-276; and the numerous posts in the Vox and Speaker fora of the Plexi Palace. See the excellent comments on this Plexi Palace thread.

The Rola G12 B024 - the 8 ohm version of the B025 (below). The Rola G12 B025 - the 15 ohm version of the B024 (above).

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A later BO25 (with large screws on the cap) has been posted on the Plexi Palace - code 01DD = 1st April 1959. On the left, the classic blue, used extensively in AC30s.

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