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minimum 6 days a week which really makes it impossible, to plan any activities that require you to be out of internet connectivity for more than 24 hours.

This can be quite detrimental to the weekend dream if outdoor hobbies are your thing, or even if you don't want to be connected to the world all the time - being at your computer, and connected 6 days a week can get overwhelming. Learning the processes can seem a little daunting because you don't have a person beside you helping you understand things, and ensuring that you have it right, but give it a go, and you'll be fine.

It's a lot of fun, but if you can't completely think like a man- don't expect to stay on! The technology was interesting, several different operating systems, and LOTS of training materials. Pros The team is the best part of working for Vi DA.

There is no competition or drama - we all help one another to produce the best possible product and service for our clients.

Again, this is simply due to the nature of the work here (remote), I don't know if it can really be done anymore effectively, and they have a fantastic training process.

As with any remote work, it is not without it's challenges on maintaining motivation and social engagement.

Who needs to hang out in the local coffee shop to find a date?

It's a very family oriented workplace, and they do the best they can given the nature of the work they have, to accommodate anything you need.

In summary, this company is easily one of the best companies I've worked for, and I have worked for numerous, global, tier one organisations.

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I don't see how this problem could actually be solved though - it is the nature of the work.

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