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Their language seemed to reflect what they thought of the woman behind the makeup, treating my bare-faced account as a friend before a hookup.

While it's unfortunate to me that many of these men treated a woman as more sexualized because of her cosmetics, their cordiality in most of the messages was refreshing.

More men flocked to a bare-faced girl than a heavily made-up one, yet they seemed most aggressively interested in a face adorned in average levels of makeup.

I had expected that because this was the account in which I was most made up, and this portion of the experiment was also taking place latest in the day, guys would be more pushy and graphic in their approach. This experiment really opened my eyes to a lot of things.

Internet dating/hookups are a whole new world to me, and I doubt I'll ever partake in the scene again — I'm in a happy relationship, and I encountered far too many incorrect uses of "your" to ever feel comfortable picking a potential partner online.

If they felt so comfortable approaching me about my looks in a platonic setting, how might guys react to my different levels of makeup when engaging in a potentially romantic scenario?

To gauge the different reactions to makeup by guys in romantic scenarios, I decided to sign up for Tinder.

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Lillibridge, whose kids were toddlers when she started dating, said she took the approach of introducing new boyfriends as just another one of her platonic male friends.

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