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Dating agency franchise

We are the ONLY Agency offering this type of service.Concerning the Introduction Business, over the past number of years intro agencies have become an established and accepted way for single men to meet women.This article will show you how to buy a franchise in 8 steps.If you have a franchise in mind and have money in a qualified retirement account, you can finance the purchase with a rollover for business startups (ROBS).

Hospitals, Clinics, and Care Homes are paying 15 % fees of the first years salary to agencies to find qualified nurses.

Biggest problem with foreign women, especially from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Philippines, and from Central America, is that they have a very difficult time to get a visa to come to the USA or UK. Our monitored service is almost half that price and we guarantee unlimited women to contact ALL GOOD LOOKING.

Women from the CZECH REPUBLIC and SLOVAKIA DO NOT need a visa to come to the USA and UK, and this gives us a very big competitive advantage over other foreign agencies,as the MEN can SEND for the women WITHOUT leaving the U. We also have a big article about our company in Bloomberg Business Week Magazine, and we are also featured in the UK Sunday Times Magazine Supplement., and Harpers Bazaar. If you are interested in a unique franchise that has virtually no legitimate competition in your own area, and makes a lot of money, then contact me at your earliest convenience.

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Someone from our company actually comes to personally visit with you for TWO WHOLE DAYS on a one -to-one basis ,so you are fully prepared to operate our business VERY SUCCESSFULLY.

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