Dating a 15 year old

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Later, if you choose to date, you will have a better idea of who will be your partner. I'm 15 my boyfriend is 20 and we are happy together.

We have never had sex and doesn't pressure me to do things. Yes, a 15 year old can date a 20 year old although the teenager's parents may not be very happy about it.

The age at which you get to make your own decisions that your parents cannot override is 18.

And in addition to this wonderful information, it is worth noting that Florida has perhaps the strictest laws in the nation regarding underage sexual contact, and FL enforces these laws vigorously.

If they say yes, then likewise the law will not stop them. If the answer is no, and your bf is told to stay away, then he'd better stay away.

I haven't checked on the statutes to check what age is safe for what but a parent does have a right to control who their child sees. Wonderful is not allowed around his child, he does have actions available to him that would cause Mr, Wonderful to be charged with crimes should he hang around his daughter.

It is not okay for a 12 year old to date a 20 year old.

While there is no law against it, the 12 year old is under the age of consent.

So a 17 year old could not date anyone younger than 15-and-a-half (8.5 7), or older than 20, while a 13 year old can't date anybody.

In contrast, if you focus on the person you like to long, you set yourself for heartache. The 15 year old is too old to date a 10 year old and is close to the age of consent at the age of 16 (depending on the state where they live) and could get into trouble.

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If the 20 year old really loves you, he would wait at least until you're 18.

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