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I love when it's secretly taken care of when I am in the bathroom (pro move).

But does being a feminist mean that the check should always be split down the middle? (Yes.) Should hetero couples look to same-sex couples for some clarity?

You think maybe if you reread that profile again, you’ll learn something new. After experiencing this repeatedly, one day you log on for a visit, see the “ONLINE NOW” status, and blurt out, “Fuck you! This process has turned you into a crazy person—one who’s blaming him when he hasn’t done one thing wrong.

Plus, when you visit his profile, you feel connected, and that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, right? One night, you do a drive-by past his online profile and notice his status says “ONLINE NOW.” Instantly, you experience a moment of terror. Raise your hand if you know what I’m talking about.

As a woman going on an after-work date, I had a giant bag to dig through, not a pants pocket to reach into.

Typically, when someone insists you don't pay on a date, they do it in a really sweet, genuine way. It was as though woman took advantage of him, and now, we were all gold-digging monsters.

And to be honest, it’s not…when you’re looking at the ones you don’t like that much. It’s one of the things that drives women away from online dating and drives off potential partners, as well.

(Says the woman who paid by the month for the privacy option on Ok Cupid. You can start by printing out or downloading his profile.

I write what I know.) My friend Leslie had a brilliant perspective on the topic. I’ve never read a man’s email, checked his phone, or looked up anything on him. I have to give mad props to my girl Leslie for her brilliant insight and teaching me some dating 101. Not that it was any less tempting, mind you, but once I saw his profile as his personal business, I saw it for what it was: an integrity issue. That way, you have your very own file on your hard drive or desk for your handy reference whenever you need to remember if he said he likes sushi or Mexican (or want to take a peek and his pics again).

I ended the craziness by logging off the site completely.

I didn’t tell him I was leaving, and I didn’t ask him to, either. I did this because left to my own devices, I was untrustworthy.

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Some sites are smart enough to charge you for a privacy feature, so you have to pay them to stalk privately.

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