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Sophia then asked Dr Mahathir whether she would stand the chance to be the prime minister if she has the same knowledge and wisdom like him.

Dr Mahathir replied: “Well, it takes more than knowledge and wisdom to rule the country ... This is an exciting time to be present during the era of technological growth.” When Sophia asked Dr Mahathir if he ever wished to be like her and live forever, the prime minister said: “Being young has its own advantages but with age comes experience and knowledge.

At the outset of the conversation with Sophia, who was clad in a red modern baju kurung, Dr Mahathir seemed to be at a loss for words as he looked in awe until Sophia broke the ice. Dr Mahathir responded: “Do you know about my first term as the prime minister?

” Sophia replied: “Of course, you were sworn in on 16 July 1981, around 13,881 days ago from today.” Dr Mahathir said he wouldn’t have been able to imagine himself sitting and chatting with such an advanced social robot during his first term as the prime minister.

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Dr Mahathir also asked Sophia a few questions, one of which was whether she dreams of a world where humans and robots live together and get along with each other.Wordproject is an open and royalty free webpage, which aims to make the Word of God - the Bible - available to as many people as possible, through a means that is simple, up-to-date and cheap to reproduce and use.Millions in today's world still do not have access to the Word of God in their own language.An exhaustive and reliable Malay chat-style text corpus is still lacking.Thus, the provided criteria are used to demonstrate the process of constructing a Twitter corpus known as the Malay Chat-style Corpus (MCC).

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Speaking to the media after launching the Beyond Paradigm Summit where Sophia made an appearance, the prime minister said he was thrilled by the robot’s ability, especially the lifelike facial expressions which she made with incredible accuracy.