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Can introverts dating extroverts

Whether it’s the first date or our ten-year wedding anniversary, we probably won’t broadcast our interest and affection as loudly as extroverts — but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.Many introverts are intensely interested in meaning. Some of my favorite “dates” were not actually dates at all, but simply times when the stars seemed to align and I made an authentic connection.When you’re dating an introvert, worry less about doing all the right things, like texting at the right time, saying the right thing, or dividing up the check properly.Instead, dive deep and focus on making an authentic connection.Add to that our dislike of forced socializing, penchant for quiet, and strong need for meaningful interaction, and finding a partner can feel downright impossible.

In my mind, the first three dates were usually a wash. If you’re dating an introvert, give us time to open up.

What we are asking for is that you’ll do your best to understand.

Cut us some slack if we “umm” and “ahhh.” Believe us when we say, “I need time to think about that.”Some of my favorite dates have been to plays, concerts, and art installations.

If you’re dating an introvert, please respect our boundaries — even if they are around things that you don’t struggle with. If we’ve made it past that awkward dating phase and have entered committed-relationship territory, you’re special to us.

Even if the relationship doesn’t end in happily ever after, trust me when I say it will matter to us.

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Show us your inner world — what you’re passionate about, what you’re scared of, and how you’re really doing.

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