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The CME’s head of clearing, Kim Taylor, vigorously defended the CME’s margin increases in silver (and would presumably make the same defense of today’s moves).

Kim’s justification characterizes the clearinghouse’s move as a response to changed market conditions: Changes to margin requirements are a routine part of market surveillance at CME Clearing, the risk management and compliance unit at CME Group Inc. So far this year, CME has issued over 57 margin change notices.

The team looks at a variety of quantitative factors like rising volatility and qualitative factors like seasonality and relevant news events in making margin decisions.

“We try to make changes in a way that we can telegraph to the market, so that participants have notice.

“The market is well tuned so that if there’s a market move that approaches or exceeds our volatility limits” participants know to expect an increase in margin requirements, she said.

Taylor leads a team of sever hundred risk management and compliance professionals who monitor CME’s markets around the clock.

Taylor tries to emphasize that the changes are predictable, and in some respects they are, but this is not sufficient to relieve CME of the charge that margin changes can cause market movements.

The changes that CME made, and which Kim explains, are sensible in a sense.

Clearinghouses Would Not Have Prevented the Financial Crisis. The problem is that you don’t learn what the problems are until they appear, completely unanticipated. Re-engineering these markets will lay the foundation for a future crisis.

‘ET’ [Extraterritoriality] stokes fears about sweeping swap rules. to hear that reforming complex markets based on complex contracts among numerous complex financial firms that span myriad jurisdictions around the globe is actually like complicated or something. and various Euro-types could rearrange these markets at a whim and make everything all better. If you think you can rearrange something so intricate and have it all work out just swell, you’re in for a rude surprise.

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