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They are dating each other as boyfriend and girlfriend for several months and they also revealed that they are about to get married and be each other’s loving husband and wife.She became mother for the first time in her life in 2016.Though they never married, the couple had a daughter together and were involved for nearly a decade.Meanwhile, Brody began dating Meester, with whom he has a daughter, Arlo.

After all, there was plenty of drama both on and off-screen, especially when it comes to shows like FOX’s features quite a few notable friendship, not the least of which was that of Mischa Barton’s Marissa Cooper and Rachel Bilson’s Summer Roberts.Many years have passed since the two actors were shared the small screen, and there have been a lot of rumors as to whether they’re friends in real life.In the past, the tabloids tried to feed the fires, with headlines like, “Rachel Bilson & The O. Cast Throw Major Shade At Mischa Barton’s Comeback!? And as you can see above, Bilson was supportive of Barton’s 2016 , that of Brody’s Seth Cohen and the boy his family took in, Ryan Atwood (Ben Mc Kenzie), was essential to the series. We don’t know much, but we do know that Mc Kenzie wasn’t invited to Brody’s 2014 wedding to fellow teen drama star Leighton Meester. In a recent interview for his new film , that was the relationship that spawned between Brody and Bilson.All are happy and healthy and appreciate the well-wishes,” the couple said in a statement.See the most-read stories in Entertainment this hour If you’re wondering where all those names are coming from, here’s the breakdown: Frances is “The O.

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