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The eighth season of The Andy Griffith Show “Opie's First Love” Mary Alice Carter accepts Opie's invitation to a party but rejects him at the eleventh hour for another.

Late in the season, Opie joins a rock ‘n’ roll group in “Opie's Group” and his grades begin to suffer in school.

When Barney finds out that Thelma Lou is married, it is the sad reality, which is unfortunately commonly more true to life than the fairy tales of destiny, that realization of missed opportunities, and loss. The tragic episode tried to wrap things up with Barney getting another girl, but I was crushed. The movie would set straight what this horrible, horrible episode of the TV show had done. I saw this episode last week on TVland for the dedication to Don Knotts. The plot line of marrying off Thelma Lou is not all bad in concept, and in reality was probably a good way of wrapping up the romance for viewers of the ongoing show in 1966.

Being an incredibly sad episode, it is still important in displaying an important lesson of love. It would be years later before we would get "Return to Mayberry" with virtually all of the surviving cast returning intact (minus Floyd, who had passed away, and Aunt Bea, who was too ill, tho she did a voice-over.) Andy would spy Thelma Lou at the cemetery (Tho Frances Bavier was still alive, but in bad health, the character of Aunt Bea was killed off.) Thelma Lou. But it was poorly and harshly executed, with little regard for the legacy of the characters.

He remained with the Allen program through the 1959–1960 season.

Late in the season, Opie joins a rock ‘n’ roll group in “Opie's Group” and his grades begin to suffer in school.When Barney had previously left the show, it marked the departure for Thelma Lou also. A legendary misstep on the part of the AGS creative team, the worst of many in the color/post-Knotts run of the show.What a great idea to use the class reunion to bring them back together. Pointlessly painful, it provides a disservice to the beloved characters from the show's classic black and white period.In “Howard and Millie,” Howard proposes to Millie after three months of dating but soon realizes they may be rushing it.Also, things get stressful when Barney Fife is on the spot when he gets Andy...

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Chicken (1966) and Henry Limpet in The Incredible Mr. In 1979 TV Guide ranked him #27 on its 50 Greatest TV Stars of All Time list.

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