Austria dating women

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Austria dating women

In Austria, you will always find hospitality and excellent service; you will get unforgettable impressions, and even a couple of extra kilos :-), if you decide to visit Austrian confectionaries (a temptation that is hard to resist).

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If you want to present flowers for Austrian woman, you have to know rules and superstitions as well. Red roses are presented if only you already have strong romantic feelings with Austrian woman and just want to emphasize it.

Red carnations are better not to present either as they could have connotation of political party.

All women in Austria, over 18 are called “Frau” (Lady). If you are going to meet Austrian lady with business lunch or if you are going to have a date with Austrian woman you never should be late. Common thought that it is normal for ladies to be 5 minutes late for a date does not work with Austrian women.

You have to use this form of accost and her last name, unless she informs you may call her using first name only. Women in Austria are very punctual as it is the style of life here that was accumulated for centuries.

If she will give you a hand to shake, do the same thing and shake her hand.

As a good present you may use chocolate, wine or perfumes.A visit to the most famous leisure area of Austrians – Nationalpark Donau-Auen that has more than 5000 species of animals and birds will definitely give you lots of pleasure.Alpine skiing in winter, summer weekends on the bank of marvelous lakes, golf, bicycle riding and long walks in the mountains – dating in Austria and Austrian men will give you all this.Austria is a country in Central Europe; it consists of eight Federal Lands and has an area of 84,000 square kilometers. Niederoesterreich is one of the most famous Austrian lands.Sankt Poelten, its capital, is the oldest Austrian city.

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Dear ladies, if you’re willing to find love abroad or if you’re dreaming about a thoughtful and faithful husband, and about having a wonderful rest with a charming male, you will hardly find anyone better than an Austrian man.

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