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Argentina dating traditions

Deolinda Correa is the saint to the followers of the cult.Other cults include those led by Gauchito Gil, Miguel Angel Gaitan, and Mapuche Cacique.There are seven Catholic universities in Argentina and hundreds of primary and secondary schools sponsored and run by the church.

There is no official language in the country, but Guarani, Qom, and Mocovi are the recognized regional languages.The Protestant population in the country has been increasing in the recent past.A survey showed that only 9% of the population claimed to have been raised as Protestants, but 19% said that they are currently Protestants.Women who had been married to non-Catholics also sighted doing so as a reason they converted.The Pentecostal evangelism characterized by speaking in tongues, miracles, and receiving direct revelation from God has also played a significant role in converting Catholics to Protestants.

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There are currently just over thirty thousand followers of the religion in 604 churches across the world.

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