Are dawn and que still dating 2016

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She meekly tells him she has been saving for the baby, but Earl leaves with the money (“Dear Baby”).

Jenna breaks down, lamenting her long-lost control over her life (“She Used To Be Mine”). She sees Joe at the hospital on his way to surgery; knowing he is dying, he gives her an envelope to open later. Pomatter's wife crowd the delivery room, and Jenna cries out in distress, giving birth in darkness. Earl reminds her of her promise not to love Lulu more than him, and Jenna finally tells him she wants a divorce.

Bareilles said she was proud to be part of an all-female team: "It's really fun to be an example of the way it can look.

Word of Jenna's pregnancy reaches Joe, the diner’s curmudgeonly owner, who suggests she enter a local pie-baking contest with a large reward which would allow her to leave her husband. She tells him about her unhappy marriage, and he compliments her pie and her resilience (“It Only Takes a Taste”). He berates her, and his anger almost turns physical until she confesses she is pregnant.Dawn and Ogie realize they both enjoy American Revolution reenactments and how much they have in common. After her tryst, Jenna discovers Becky and Cal making out at the diner.The married Becky is unashamed of giving in to passion (“I Didn't Plan It”). Pomatter continue their affair, as do Becky and Cal, and Dawn and Ogie (“Bad Idea (Reprise)”). Several months pass and Dawn and Ogie marry (“I Love You Like a Table”).Donnelly taught the cast how to work and roll pie dough, as the role of Jenna required Mueller to crack eggs, sift flour and roll out dough on stage.Mayo created all of the prop pies used in the show.

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A few years later, the diner has been rechristened “Lulu's Pies” and Jenna, the owner and head chef, is content that her life has finally turned around ("Opening Up (Finale)"). Bareilles recorded her fifth studio album, What's Inside: Songs from Waitress, featuring songs from the musical.