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It would be easy to extend my Introductory Remarks to a considerable length by dilating on the uses and advantages to be derived from an acquaintance with Natural History ; nor would it be difficult to show how much that is bright and beautiful in Nature is for ever lost to him who has never become conversant with the study.

But my inclination is to avoid what some ill-natured critics might term twaddle, and my limits forbid me to descant on a theme which others (who are far better qualified than I can ever possibly become) have treated with all the ardent enthusiasm that is inherent in the breast of every true votary of Nature.

Thus is it with the Physiologist who endeavours to draw the boundary between these two grand Kingdoms of Nature ; for so gradually and imperceptibly do their confines blend, that it is at present utterly out of his power to define exactly where Vegetable existence ceases, and Animal life begins.” Page Division I.

Pieldfare llopping-Dick Cinulisrma Mocking-Bird Cat-bird Ouzel [Dipper] Ncomorpha Iloneysucker Meliphaga .

As Cuvier has remarked, “ there can only be one perfect method, which is the natural method.

An arrangement is thus named in which beings of the same genus are placed nearer to each other than to those of all other genera ; the genera of the same order nearer than to those of other orders ; and so in succession This method is the ideal to which Natural History should tend ; for it is evident that, if we can attain it, we shall have the exact and complete expression of all nature. .27 Orang-Outang Chimpanzee Gibbon Siamang Ungka-Putl Colobus Duuc .

31.] and cal* cuiated in the iiighest degree to answer the purpose of its Orbat Autuoh. Our limits are prescribed, and further observations must necessarily be dispensed with in this place ; but the following beautiful remarks by Mr. Rymer Jones so admirably illustrate the difficulty of drawing an exact line between the Animal and Vegetable Kingdoms, that we gladly conclude in his words : — “ Light and darkness are distint t from each other, and no one possessed of eye -sight would be in danger of confounding night with day ; yet he who, looking upon the evening sky, would attempt to point out precisely the line of separation between the parting day and the approaching night, would have a difficult task to perform. Examples of tins rela- tionsiiip by analogy are to be found in every kingdom of nature, and often form an ascend* lug series from tlie lowest to the highest; for, as we siiall see hereafter, these resemblances appear to maintain a certain correspondence with each other as to their relative situations ; so tliat, for instance, in the animal kingdom they ascend step by step, witliout being iinked by af Hiiity or naviiig any real juxtaposition, from tlie lowest groups, towards man, who stands alone at tlie iiead, or in the centre of all .” — Kirby and Spence*s Introduction to Entomology, vol. Snfmat ii Cn^lram* THE ANIMAL KINGDOM, ARRANGED IN CLASSES, ORDERS, AND GENERA, ACCORDING TO ITS ORGANIZATION. It has long been customary to apply the terms Animal Kingdom, Vegetadlb Kingdom, and Mineral Kingdom, respectively, to the three grand portions of the “mighty whole” into which, when speaking of the science of Natural History, the countless productions of the Earth are systematically divided.

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Adam White, of the British Museum, a gentleman who to the enthusiasm belonging to the true Naturalist unites a sober judgment and great experience.