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New players won’t be able to explore this new race just yet however, Aed characters can only be created as an Incarnation.

They will be restricted to players with a level 70 character and an available reincarnation which means that there will be very few characters with this race once they’ve been released.

Since 2010, the game has gradually adapted to be more accessible and less punishing to players who choose not to pay.

It's worth stating that microtransactions are still a major part of the game - equipment-enhancing runes are regarded as an essential factor in endgame success, and the easiest way to get them is through the in-game store.

One of the new inclusions in Game of Gods was a tropical atoll where players could go on holiday during Allods' 'holiday season'.

Despite the peaceful nature of the race, they can also take the role of warriors; their warrior class ability provides them with more anger and stability which could make them ferocious fighters.Each boutiqe coin is equal to one g Potato, meaning that it's no longer necessary to spend real money to earn premium items.Allods' latest update, Game of Gods, launched in February and has continued the trend of making the game more accessible - but it's important, according to producer Lori Bray, that Allods not be an MMO that doles out “gold stars for showing up.” To that extent, a major reduction in the difficulty of leveling up has been supplemented with new endgame raids, an increased level cap, and a new 'Great Rank' advancement system that grants the most dedicated players access to a coveted second talent spec.If not, are these latest updates enough to tempt you to give it a try?The Allods Team has just announced that a new playable race will be introduced into the game with the next major update; this new race is called the “Aed” and is based on Greco-Roman sculptures and the full details about them have been released in an official blog post.

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