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The relationship is characterized by regular/consistent interaction over a period of time to facilitate protégé development [5].Research indicates many positive outcomes as a result of mentorship.For example, when a novice educator is formally mentored by a more experienced and accomplished academician, the novice educator more quickly assumes the full scope of the academic role and is more productive [6].Across settings, mentoring has contributed to higher career satisfaction and increased departmental or organizational morale [7, 8].Six themes for establishing a formal mentoring program are presented, highlighting best practices in mentoring as culled from experience and the literature.Themes reflect aims to achieve appropriately matched dyads, establish clear mentorship purpose and goals, solidify the dyad relationship, advocate for and guide the protégé, integrate the protégé into the academic culture, and mobilize institutional resources for mentoring support.

Since then, the concept of mentoring has evolved into a multidimensional interactive process that can be formal or informal and evolves over time according to the needs and desires of the mentor and protégé [4]. define mentoring as a one-to-one reciprocal relationship between a more experienced and knowledgeable faculty member (the mentor) and a less experienced one (the protégé).Unfortunately, many novice academicians cannot avail themselves of mentoring opportunities, because formal mentoring programs are not common in the nursing education organizational culture.The authors participated in a formal distance mentoring program and determined to engage in a heuristic inquiry to study mentoring.The group discussed practices of mentoring revealed in each story; a recording secretary listed practices that group members agreed upon.Through reflection and dialogue, the group clustered 25 original practices into six categories based on similar thematic content.

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Mentoring is important for the recruitment and retention of qualified nurse faculty, their ongoing career development, and leadership development.