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Larson’s team was small — just himself and one other programmer at first, and roughly a dozen people at its height — and Larson would regularly test how Froogle compared with other online price-comparison services.

“Sometimes we were neck and neck; sometimes, not so much,” Larson said.

In the late 1980s, Adam was studying programming at the University of Edinburgh, while Shivaun was focused on physics and computer science at King’s College London.

“I spent half an hour searching Google for the lowest price, and it drove me completely mad,” he told me.

It was impossible for him to figure out which sites were selling i Pods and which were selling accessories, like headphones or charging cords.

“We had a hundred million product listings, which was better than competitors.” But they were often outperformed by sites like Price Grabber.com, which had many more employees devoted to price comparisons.

Froogle’s limitations tended to pop up particularly when users included too many search parameters.

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