21 dating questions

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They’re the kind of person who simply cannot be single for longer than a few weeks without losing their mind.They flit from relationship to relationship with no real breaks in between, often discarding any previous feelings they had toward someone else.It feels like the last time you were officially single was years and years ago, and it only lasted a couple of months until you moved on.Staying single for a long period of time feels foreign and uncomfortable to you.You hate the idea of having no one interested in being with you. Once you’ve found yourself at the tail end of a breakup, you feel pretty hurt and gloomy, but once you find someone new you automatically start to feel better.It doesn’t take you very long to move on once you find that your new beau gives you that emotional and mental boost you needed after the breakup.

It feels good for your ego for someone to be crazy about you, just make sure you’re not using that person as a Band-Aid to stop yourself from thinking about all the issues of your previous relationships. Most people need time to grieve a relationship that ended, but you like to move on and find someone new as swiftly and easily as possible.But when all your companions blend into one another, it may be time to take a look at your relationship patterns and figure out if you’re actually an addict. The idea of not having a significant other really bums you out.You’d prefer to have a partner at all times, rather than dealing with the hurt and anguish of going through a messy breakup or spending time being single.This kind of approach may boost their ego and self-confidence, but it only works for so long before it just becomes a crutch.A lot of people who have a relationship addiction don’t even realize it affects them.

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