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A few years ago when scientists mapped out the human genome, they were surprised to discover that we have about 4 percent Neanderthal DNA due to cross-species breeding.

In fact, half the agreement deals with various punishments for damages or not paying rent on time.However, when they reached Europe and Asia and started having sex with Neanderthals, they gained the HPV16A strain, too.Further study into our genetic history could explain why the virus can cause cancer in some people but clear right up for others.Dogs were man’s best friend 7,000 years ago according to evidence found at Blick Mead near Stonehenge.Archaeologist David Jacques found a dog’s tooth that belonged to an animal originally from an area known today as the Vale of York.

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Even though it hasn’t been used for almost 2,000 years, Etruscan remains one of the most intriguing dead languages.