12 best conversation topics dating pickup

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12 best conversation topics dating pickup

An even better way, find out what instrument your partner wishes they played, then suggest you learn how to play it together.

One of the best conversation starters for couples because it’s actually a sneaky way to find the hidden key to your partner’s heart.

Or, would you take all that land and build a top-secret base for your own secret purposes? Your conversation partners might go for the most powerful people (presidents and business leaders), or they may just wish they knew what their ex- was doing.

Another very creative and funny conversation starter where you can build up a whole hotel that either reflects a passion (say, a favorite show or book series) or else something really bizarre (any takers for a cheeses of the world themed hotel? Just how important is social media to your conversation partners?

This can open up a lively debate in a group in order to reach a consensus on who would last longest.

If those zombies were coming for you, how would you defend yourself?

Funny conversation starters are one of the most powerful tools you can have.…Because if there were one skill every person worried about their conversation abilities would want to have, it would be humor.

We have lots of words for it, all of them positive: “charm” and “wit” used by a “clever” or “amusing” person.

The answers to this one can span from the genuine or obvious (pay some debt, buy a new gaming system) to the amusing (fill the pool out back with Jell-O).By asking this question, you get an idea of your partner’s priorities while also having fun with considering the extremes (like deciding between a mansion in a slum or a tent in Beverly Hills).What’s more annoying, waiting around or a stuffy nose?Here are 17 best funny conversation starters: Is it the more of you the better or would you get sick of seeing yourself after the third clone?Find out how much your conversation partner loves themselves.

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No matter what you call it, though, being funny is a great way to meet people, become successful, and generally get what you want.

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